Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vote now for your preference

This gorgeous creature is the Large Wood nymph butterfly, cercyonis pegala. She is swathed in orange day lilies, with a touch of red lipstick, wearing jewels made of orbs of golden pollen (look closely). She reminds us as Gay did to 'brighten up'!

Which version do you prefer OR think that she would enjoy as a card?
#1) Imitate nature or
#2) Wear Bright colors

To see the original, unadulterated version click on this link:



Kate said...

I like Wear Bright Colors! :)

Anonymous said...

Imitate Nature!

Anonymous said...

The Bright One!

Anonymous said...

Invite Nature speaks to me

Anonymous said...

Wear bright colors. 2 votes, 1-Sheryl and 1-Mandy

Loveleen said...

wear bright colors***to inspire to brighten someones day and to spread more love and vibrancy into this world!****

kmjrose said...

Bright colours! Certainment!!

Unknown said...

I am so pleased so far. I guess I expected the other and am delighted with the input so far. Yipppeee! Ok, I am biased. you can hear Gay say this right? Even if you didn't know her. She would look at my Earth colors and roll her eyes and say .... WEAR BRIGHT COLORS.
Next I will be wearing day lilies. :)

Unknown said...

Should I put little red high heels on her? My mother loved high heels even though I scorned them.

jayscreen said...

I prefer Wear Bright Colors. Gay herself wore jewel tones in beautiful fabrics.

Anonymous said...

Navdeep Singh Nijjar February 17 at 3:55pm
hey sharon,

your post on love's wall moved me to tears. i am awestruck and speechless. it was like i heard your words straight from the divine.

by the way my vote is 'wear bright colors'.


Natalya said...

I like the picture that says imitate nature because it is funny.

Anonymous said...

"Wear bright colors" gets my vote! --Gib

Unknown said...

Anyone want a card of this one? If yes, I will mail it to you if I know your address. You can email it to me if you want.

Anyone think high-heel shoes would add or detract. I don't know how to do this in photoshop yet, just got the lipstick down, but it is important to know when to stop. Then again, Gay loved high heels and if done well they could be cute..