Saturday, February 20, 2010

Welcome Featured artist Michael Jermyn from Montpelier Vermont

Greetings!! We have our First  Featured artist Gallery and the honor goes to the photography of Michael Jermyn.  Follow the link to this gallery or just click on "return to Gays galleries".  Suzanne Rhodes and I carefully chose from the large selection of  Michaels work so that we could create a two page gallery that would to show off his range from stunning still-lifes, landscapes, and humans.  Please note to get to the second page look carefully at the bottom right for the word "next" or the right facing arrow at the bottom or top of the page to see the second page.   I met Michael when he happened to  be touring Northeastern Vermont and came a display of Gay's photography at the Peacham Historical Society.  We began to talk photography and I expressed an interest in seeing his work.  That was a good impulse.

Micheal's playfulness and willingness to explore the photography "painting" or other treatments creates stunning images.  He has an extraordinary eye for composition and combinations-- combining colors, objects, and characters thus, creating pictures that speak-- pictures upon which stories can be built or that speak past past stories directly to feeling--to the midbrain.

I hope you will take a little time to look at his pictures, and his first web-based show. Tell us what you like, what you would like to see more of from him.  I will say that the printed versions he makes are  more vivid and professional than what the computer screen can show.  In our galleries you can leave comments on pictures or galleries or you can give comments here on the blog (anonymousely or just sign in) or via facebook. I will also put the gallery up on facebook. All artists entering a new medium of exposure can use feedback. Please let him know what you think and which ones interest or surprise you. And let us know if we are on the right track with guest galleries.

Micheal will be the featured artist for at least a month or two and then his material will continue to be available via our site through the gallery index  for at least 3 -6  months.

We will let you know when the next featured artist is selected.  And, please let us know how you like the concept. 



Unknown said...

Oh, I forgot to put Michaels contact:
You can make an appointment and see his gallery by appointment
18 Foster St
Montpelier, VT 05602
Phone(s): (802) 223-1570 Business (voice)
Contact(s): Michael Jermyn

Abbie said...

Michael, I love your work. Every one of them make me want to be there. They are strongly composed and the still-lifes are incredibly elegant. I love all of you work and would love to see more of it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Michael, you are true artist. I can't wait to see new works of art.
In my home country you would be called a "slatzsxhteib" and you truly are worthy of the title.

Unknown said...

Each image a journey, a chapter, a timeless moment for the soul. The landscapes are beyond photos because where the eye rests is as it would in the outdoors. The still life collections are serenity--a meditation in form, color and the grace of natural plant design. I visit the images in awe and with gratitude. I never arrive without choosing to and once there, I leave with love.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, wanted to reply to your announcement about Michael Jermyns' images but Computers can be downright contrary and my attempt was undeliverable. Anyway, I had no problem at all pulling up the images and viewing them. They are quite remarkable, quite wonderful, I think.

I assume that they have Gay Bumgarner Images across them because they are on that website but, I don't know that.

Anyway, I'm glad you sent them. The parsnips look like mandrake root. Betty

Betty Littleton, Columbia MO

Anonymous said...

This gallery is private and cannot be viewed.

would be great is this error was corrected, and you could actually see the gallery after you click on "Michael Jermyn - Gallery in Gay Bumgarner Images"