Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Natalya McDonnell and Shadow
January 31, 2010
Announcing the newest member of the McDonnell Parrish menagerie
Yes, we said "NEVER, NO HORSE EVER"
From never to ok is route that is hard to explain
but here we are
Natalya is ecstatic, speechless, squealing, joyful, over the moon
Fortunately, she (Shadow) will stay at her home barn with Patty and Bruce where she will be happy healthy and well cared for and we can stand firm on our final line in the sand, 


عيس (Asa) said...

You will never allow a horse in the house? ok... But I'm skeptical. You said it yourself, "From never to ok is route that is hard to explain"

kmjrose said...

See, never say "never!" I almost let a horse in my house--yes, in the house, literally--once. Welcome to your family, Shadow!

Unknown said...

Good point lovely Arabic script (asa), but by 53 never has passed away many times and think there is a lot of learning each time I realized I tricked myself into thinking i could control all the variables.