Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ah, a gift, for you.
A little electro-magno-neuro-cardio-web-based cosmic gift for you whether you be girl or boy (aka honorary girl).   Its a story called "embrace your inner girl" by Eve Ensler

But, first, before you push play to start this brief but stirring video, riddle me this....

What sorts of things might you be doing that if someone said "you do that like a girl" that you would experience this comment as a compliment?

Fill in the blanks....You are  _____ or, do  _____  like a girl.

Enjoy the video, I think you will.

Namaste, salaam, and hallelujah



Gay Bumgarner through friends and family said...

WOW... I am an emotional creature. Makes me want to cheer.

Natalya said...

This was amazing. I couldn't believe how strongly it affected me. The part when the girl returns to her fathers house and forgive him and offers to care for him. It was so strong it was almost unbearable.

Mrs. Hanson and Mrs. Melnick should see it, they would like it. She is a good story teller and she spoke clearly and just right so everything goes in your brain and, it blows you away what she says.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE BEIN A GIRL... That is the line to sing out.