Friday, February 26, 2010

Health promotion
Activities to promote and produce health among individuals and populations

Here is an example of a health promoton activity 
 Amazing seat belt Ad
This is the type of the thing BEST HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD would make.

Gorgeous and riveting.  It is from the UK and the Sussex Safer-roads Partnership.   Nothing like a group of average citizens with fire in their belly and something important at stake + support. In the US we call them a) public service announcements and show them at 2am since they don't sell anything important or, b) A pharmaceutical commercial and then apply our best minds and science into promoting the idea that we are sick and that one can buy(do) something about it.

Note recent CDC reported that despite the increase in "health related" activities such as exercise and diet change (jogging or guilt about jogging and diet coke) that the proportion of Americans that say they are in excellent or good health is falling.  The question, called "self-reported health", asks people who they would describe their health words such as: Excellent, good, fair, poor".  The question has been asked for over 30 years on national surveys and it is a robust little bugger that predict future health problems and death more reliably than almost any lab test or risk behavior.  Tis a little eerie but fascinating.

The ideas we promote the stories we tell ourselves matter.

If you want to know more there is more to tell. If you have thoughts or ideas do tell.

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We used this post in a conversation tonight to demonstrate the democratization of video and making videos.