Thursday, February 4, 2010


Red is the color of love, 
the color of blood, and the light of the day as it rises and sets

What a beautiful jacket!
Wear bright colors!
Oh, and notice the necklace, her daughter made it for her :)

Thanksgiving a few years back with Ila Irwin and Karl Krause + friends. I miss her.


Anonymous said...

From Ila Irwin

Hi - Too late to type much but I will send you any pictures I come across. ... leaving for St. Kitts in 2 days, thank God! I am sick of the gray wet cold.

I had a job interview for a job in Jeff. City , it was a five days a week to a windowless office. I could hear Gay say
"why would you want to do something like that?". I miss her too.

kmjrose said...

Lovely pic!