Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gorgeous the piglet & photographers trunks

Living around photographers

Gorgeous the Pot belly piglet

According to Nancy shepherd owner of "Pig O my Heart" a farm in central Missouri, This wonderful little piglet is named Gorgeous and she is is a Potbelly. (Link to Pig o my Heart) Nancy wrote to say "I remember so well Gay coming  here to photograph a complete litter.  It was so much fun watching her work.  As I recall for this one she brought a piece of sod and we placed in on top of the picnic table so that we could get the beautiful background of sky and pasture"

Note to reader-- it is well worth a careful look in the trunk of a photographers car.  One can find bits of sod, dead possums (more on that later), food for low blood sugar or to appease animals for photos, model and property releases, cloth for backdrops, a towel, odd bits of equipment, a box to hold special found things, etc etc. In fact I am sure it would be interesting to see what photographers consider absolutely necessary equipment to do what they do.

Pigs make wonderful subjects for photos. They are game, willing, expressive, and cute.  They can even pose for photos and if you don't believe me see Jezebel posing for show.  She is just one of the amazing Showpig photos from Nancy's ranch.

Let us know if you have a caption for Gorgeous or any questions.



Jean Dedam said...

Great picture and video.  Pigs are naturally playful, happy and clean animals given the right environment.

Gib Parrish said...

Yes, what a lovely pig. Thanks for sharing it with us.

As for a caption, how about "Gorgeous the Pig reveling at being midway between a brilliant blue sky and a patch of glorious, green sod."

Unknown said...

Gorgeous the pig: "I am not short I am just very well balanced and I stand close to the earth."

Nancy Shepherd said...


Thanks for the link and story. Very nicely done. It's great that you are keeping your mother's talent alive. Be well.