Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The first chorus of spring: Peepers

Frog show - Images by Sharon McDonnell

On March 20-- exactly the spring equinox
the amphibian universe activated in Maine
The biological chorus switched on.

The air is wet and cool, sweet with spring and as our car travels
through the tunnel of light down Sligo road
Cued by rising temperature and enough hours of light
the earths' quickening comes as harmony

The Spring Peepers aka "pinkletinks" or tinkletoes
sing A hue and cry,
Hallaluah! the love songs of frogs and toads
sweet enough to break your heart

Here in Maine they hibernate until spring and
when they emerge the nights are capricious
but the frogs can freeze and recover.

It is magic and even if it is not
it is

When the conditions are right they move
to the edges of lakes and wetlands
Males call to the females who listen very carefully to their songs and then decide which to join.

If you click on the "Play Button" you can hear
Songs of the army or the knot (the official name of a group!)

In the audio files below they can give the song for each type of frog and toad.
Interesting....Did you know that what a frog says and
how it says it depends on what it is trying to communicate!
Imagine what we are missing because we do not speak any frog!

If you want to see more frogs and toads search the website
or check previous posts on one of our favorite animals.


Deb Bara said...

How very, very delightful! Thank you so much for sharing. I happen to really love frogs and froggie songs. We have a huge bullfrog that lives in a pond beside our house. I've spent many summer evenings last year sitting on the porch until the wee hours just listening for the very distinctive communiques from our froggie friends.

Jon Urie said...

Good Morning Sharon:
     Thank you for this message. I enjoyed looking and reading. There is lots of great stuff here to keep me going for many hours.