Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Update - Mother-Daughter Press joins Boone Hospital new Patient Tower project combining architechture, art, and healing

New hospital tower designed for patient care and healing

From Columbia Business Times -Brian McNeill May 27, 2011 full article and pictures included
After six years of planning and a special design process, The Boone Hospital Center in Columbia Missouri will welcome the first patients into its new eight-story patient Tower on the 27th of June 2011.  

This $89 million project was designed by Michigan-based HKS Architects and incorporates state of the art energy systems and a design process that was featured at the Health Facilities Symposium & Expo (HFSE) in Chicago last year.  The presentation team included HKS healthcare design leaders and Mary Beck, vice president, at Boone Hospital Center. Their topic, “Success Design Strategies Working with Owner Teams,” featured a case study of the Boone Hospital Center’s new model of patient-centered care. The hospital, located in Columbia, Mo., was designed incorporating decisions from patients, families and nurses – and the mantra “nothing about me without me.” The session also provided practical tools and decision-making guidelines for participants to use when designing their upcoming building projects.

The new tower was created with nature as its dominant theme and it was designed to facilitate the interactions and movement between health workers and patients.  The lobby contains rich cherry wood walls and soft green carpets while the patient rooms are painted with earth-tone yellow and blue fabrics and paints.  A new "healing" garden creates a natural transition from the old building to the new one.

A key feature of the design was that all the public areas, and selected patient environments, are adorned with the works of mid-Missouri artists that were selected by H&P Consultants of Columbia  in collaboration with the Art Committee of the hospital.  Their emphasis in the selection process for the art included in the project was on representations of nature and organic elements.   The artwork is meant to reinforce a healing environment as the mission of the space is to provide a calm, nurturing, and restorative environment for patients.   Environments that include nature and natural light can profoundly effect a patient’s healing process.  For a more thorough description of design features with patient healing and comfort in mind see the article in "Inside Columbia Magazine"

Mother-Daughter Press and Gay Bumgarner Images has worked with three US hospitals through the project "health through imagery" to encourage healing environments in health care facilities.  Moreover,  because of our family connection with Boone Hospital I was happy to participate.  To see the 9 images selected by Boone Hospital and H&P consultants I have made a web gallery (Click here Boone Tower Images).  I also included an image that was gifted to the hospital by "The Salon"-- a group of wise and wonderful women in Columbia that wanted to offer one of Gays pictures to honor Gay and Jim Bumgarner and their long association with Boone Hospital.  Images available for purchase here online (email or call) or in Columbia through Jeff Berg at Creative Photo (573) 875-1841. Contact Sharon McDonnell via this website or Jeff Berg.

To celebrate a public open house and grand opening will take place from noon to 3 p.m. Sunday June 26 from 12-3. The event will feature tours, health screenings and refreshments, according to a news release.

 artwork unveiled

David Spear unveils his painting “Columbia Sunset,” a 12-foot-by-8-foot oil-on-linen work that will decorate part of Boone Hospital Center’s new patient tower.  (WOW! GO David! His work has to be seen to be believed-- very special).

Regrettably, I am not well enough to travel yet but I encourage all who might be able to go to check it out and tell the people there what a good idea it is-- giving art to people in hospitals.

Best wishes

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Greetings! It has been a long time since I sent out a blog post, a tweet, or a facebook message.   My journey into septic shock and back was very engrossing. Convalescence has been a circuitous and much slower process than I would have predicted despite years of medical training. 

I offer messages of thanks and gratitude for the many people who provided aid in my hours (and weeks!) of need and in the all ways it came.  And, of course, I have philosophical views and thoughts from the very edges of life. There is much to learn from life-threatening illness, but today I want to start with lighter fare.

There is a new section on the website called "stories” in which I share the background for some of the pictures on the website: the crazy, effortful, funny, and surprising behind-the-scenes events of Gay Bumgarner, photographer extraordinaire pitting her wits and patience against the goddess of nature.  Using her photography journals, the writings of Jim Bumgarner her husband, my own eye-witness accounts, video clips, and occasional poetic license, Mother-Daughter Press gives you a peak behind the creative curtain.  I hope you enjoy the unusual behind the scenes views.

The first photo-story is brief and it’s called Bugsy the Watch Turkey

If you want to see larger versions of the pictures, go to the new gallery called "Series in Nature"

Welcome to this new feature on the website, and enjoy the story-ettes. Please let me know what you think and feel free to share your own stories. I even take requests, if you have a picture you have wondered about let me know.

To make finding the stories easy, we have added it as a choice on the navigation bar of the website.  If you want to automatically get story updates you can subscribe to the blog or send a note.

Most of all thanks for all your well-wishes and kindness in this difficult time