Monday, October 21, 2013


She is a Helmeted Guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) also known as a gleanie on our front porch Yarmouth, Maine USA

Ne'er so fair a day as this day.
First was frost which rises in the warming light while all live things are busy with the preparations of fall.

Our house, barn, and chickens, have been adopted by a stray Guinea fowl.  
A feral bird slipping about the neighborhood all summer sleeping in the trees.
But last night she elected to spend the night in the barn with the chickens. 
They are a-flutter with her new-ness.

Today we are an attentive and enamored lot as she eats pomegranates in front of the mirror we set on the porch stairs. 
We play Youtube videos of Guinea hens and she crows in response to the lovely sounds.
We of untrained ear think it is the sound of wood rubbing on wood -- jarring --while she cries with joy.
She preens and pecks at her reflection.
All she really wanted was to be told she is beautiful and special and to be fed fresh fruit and sunflower seeds on a fall day.
Only that. 
And, perhaps to be tucked in safe at night out of the wind.