Saturday, December 4, 2010

Girl Math: Try this a word problem for your heart and frontal lobes

Watch this! A short clip from by William Ury the masterful negotiator and
peacemaker from a recent TED talk. It features a word problem using "Girl Math"
It is a story about transformation

Finding the 18th camel.
In this story the wise woman elder takes the long view and
by cleverly using math and intuition she creates
surprising and practical Magic
Magic that heals and in some cases
may cause laughter and a heart full of breath

This is what we hope to do and to encourage in our work via
Mother-Daughter Press

Sorry for the need to re-post. All the linking pieces didn't... but, hopefully I have a better sense of the process. Please let me know if what comes doesn't work


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Anonymous said...

I had to listen to the story again and write down the numbers since it made my head spin. Very cool. The 18th camel-- a good rule of thumb for tight spots. Thanks!