Monday, November 29, 2010

Are Cardinals spies for Santa?

Male cardinal peeks out discreetly from holly bush. Perhaps watching you?
There is an astonishing array of religious, Native American, and European stories about the symbolism of the male cardinal and how he got his feathers.  Don’t miss your chance to read the best of old stories, new-age inferences, and some crazy history at this website: cardinal-pagan-bird-symbol-of-renewed-vitality by Jill Stefko

My favorite comes from German legend.  Reportedly the male cardinal was believed to help Father Christmas, aka Weihnachtsmann, by watching childrens' behavior to ensure they were good.  The cardinal as a Santa spy?  Surely they aren’t watching us and then tattling.

What is he watching and who does he tell?

It does raise questions about Santa's other data sources. Meantime, keep sharp and be nice just in case.

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