Sunday, March 16, 2014

The vernal equinox

It is rounding around to the vernal equinox. Here in Yarmouth the Equinox or "equal night" is today March 16th, 2014. 
Look it up for your location.

Spring is just a notion here-- a tease. The old Farmers Almanac says that on May 2nd we will finally have dropped the probability of a frost to 50%.
Tonight it will be 5 degrees and there is snow coming to the mid-Atlantic.
Flowers on snow. Enjoy the light and shelter your tender blooms of all types -- whether new ideas or the buds of flowers.


Anonymous said...

Why do you say the equinox is March 16th like I believe is true. But almost every other google inquiry I've found this year says firmly that the equinox is March 21st (when the day is actually 10 mins longer than the night)?

Unknown said...

It is sort of like the difference between the mean versus the specifics. The date most places give for the equinox is an average. But, if you know your actual location you can look it up. Yay. I used the old Farmers Almanac and looked up our location by zip code. To visualize it here is a very fun satellite generate time lapse video. Check out this link: