Monday, August 6, 2012

Say YES for Abdi at the Embassy In Nairobi

Abdi Iftin
This is our friend Abdi a journalist from Somalia now living in Kenya. 
He has done some amazing reporting from Somalia under the most difficult circumstances. On Wednesday this talented young man goes to the US Embassy in Nairobi for his student visa interview to see if he can come to Southern Maine Community College to re-start his college education.  A group of us, supporters and friends, have written to our congress people, sent letters, and now are holding up a light of hope.
At 9:30 am Nairobi time (or 2:30 am EST) he will attend his interview and find out if he can continue his start toward being a professional journalist. 
Hold him in the light and if you want to hear his amazing stories go to his podcasts heard on good public radio
"The Story" with Dick Gordon. 


Gib Parrish said...

I'll be thinking of Abdi and hoping that his interview has a very positive outcome!

Natalya said...

We will set our alarm and send good wishes to Abdi.


Paul Bolton said...

my best wishes and hopes that he will be successful. please let us know what happens.