Thursday, August 25, 2011

The two sisters and the circle of horses

A story of two sisters and the horse circle - Images by Natalya McDonnell

It is an unusual story. Two sisters.
Zoe and Sybil. Rattus rattus.
They had heard of the great circle of horses
& They had to see for themselves.
They slipped out carefully and went to the arena at the special time.
So excited Zoe peeked over the red curtains, she could hardly wait

But, before they knew it there were horses all around them.

It was scary they almost got stepped on;  the horses came so close.
But in time it was exciting and the ritual of the circle called to them.
The horses were nice and Sybil joined their ritual circle and walked her "pride walk" in time to the drums circling with the horses.
Zoe tried to see if she could get on one and ride.
It was amazing.

The the sisters began to speak to the circling horses...
of their hopes, their lives, and to imagine a whole new way.
They spoke to the circle and they were heard.
Things could change!!

But suddenly there was stamping and the noises of fear. Hoof beats ringing loud -- horses with shoes? --  unfamiliar and, someone was yelling.

They heard "run!"
from the breath of the horses around them
But before they knew what was happening there was the shadow of the lasso over their heads

Oh no.... what will happen to them?

Any ideas?  Will they escape? What were they plotting with the horses?

[thanks to Natalya McDonnell for providing Zoe, Sybil and all the Schleich horses. Take note photographers.... rats are hard to work with. They constantly move and each part of them seems to move separately. Yikes!]


Unknown said...

Dear readers let me know if the slide show is too difficult to follow and instead I should post it as a fixed story to connect the pictures and the words..... But really catch the shadow of the lasso on her head.

Natalya said...

wow that is a geart story a bout the rats and horses i could almost see it happing

Matt Hudson said...

Sharon, this is priceless. It put a smile on my face. I'll review it again when I get some time this weekend, but I just loved both the photo presentation and the narrative. I'm also looking forward to checking out your blog. I'll give you more soon!

Bobbi Thami said...

HI Sharon,
I remain in Manila & some days I do a lot of brilliant legal work) but I can't wait to get back to the US and specifically, San Antonio.    I will return October 10.
As for the sisters and the horse circle - I loved it.  Thanks for sending.  I should play less Solitaire and watch your blog more.  It's an inspiration.  Little kisses to the rats - they are so cute.  Send a video of them lifting the basket.
Hugs to all.  Moving your office to ME sounds major.  Good luck.

Unknown said...

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