Saturday, July 2, 2011

How many frogs do you see?

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In the scientific literature bullfrogs are considered solitary and not particularly social although no distinction is made by sex.  Some sources say they will eat other frogs including smaller bullfrogs.  However, there is a growing appreciation of the complexity of their vocalizations as a clue to the oversimplification that may have been applied to their social lives and general intelligence.  If they are so darn solitary why are they always sitting around on lily pads and rocks together calling back and forth?

I think frogs are big jokers in the natural world. They love to make sudden noises or to leap up when it is least expected;  creating surprises for frogs and non-frogs too.  I think they love the freaked out look on those caught off guard.  If you watch them a lot there are activities that looks suspiciously like play.

For example, in the photo below there are two frogs sharing a moment of tender affection.  You don't see this kind of amphibian intimacy everyday.

 In fact in the close cropped view of the picture look at the front of the photo and you can see two young jokers ready to make sure that the intimate moment being shared won't last long or end quietly.

These fellows made a colossal nuisance of themselves in a very social way.  They swam surreptitiously under the lily pads emerging beside the quiet pair & filling the air with sudden loud calls.

Then diving under water they would be gone but I could see their silent eyes among the leaves. until they would reappear , out of sight only to reappear and jump on the occupied lily pad making it tip and then off they would go, kicking the pad and making it spin wildly so it would tip and  spin.

A group of frogs is called an "army of frogs".

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I hope you are enjoying the frogs this summer by sight and sound.

And how many frogs are there up there in photo #1?



libby stevens said...

I see 4 frogs, do I win a prize?

Love the photo with the two "jokers" waiting to interupt the amorous couple. Teenagers, no doubt!

Libby Stevens

Unknown said...

Yes, you get a prize! Stay tuned.
Will you all be in OK city--we will be for first week of Aug but going out to a part.

I agree... they look like cartoon hoodlums or something. great to hear from you.

Hassan said...

It looks live free eye check. I've seen four frogs clearly.

Unknown said...

Very good this gives me hope for the web display of photos. Hopes to see you in the US too...! :)

Anonymous said...

Yup four definitely but I have a feeling there is one more in there...
Frogs are always great finds and almost as skitterish as turtles.
Great catch.

Unknown said...

Well there are 4 frogs for sure , but I have a feeling there are a lot more we are not seeing . I have a new appreciation for frogs now . Wonderful photos !