Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Laughing about bad medical journalism could lower your blood pressure-- or not

Check out this link from the excellent blog by Gary Schwitzer called "health news reviews".  In one page he reviews the article titled ....
"Eating watermelon could lower your blood pressure" from the Orlando sentinel this month.
article "watermelon and blood pressure"
Then he provides and demonstrates a set of clear and useful criteria to use while reading about medical studies to see if they,  .....pass the laugh test.  

You don't have to be a health journalist to find this list useful.  Special note, Ano Lobb and Sam Wertheimer... this one is dedicated to you and, thanks to Nancy Jamieson at the Alaska State health department who keeps her eye out for such tools and tricks for the public.

Since it is clear that one can make medical stories up wholesale I offer my own learned conclusion-- eating fun food, such as watermelon, lowers your blood pressure, most likely. So does laughing.

You want more animals laughing... here is a start
Show me animals to make ms smile!

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