Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making news...PBS NewsHour and the effects of stories and images

See NewsHour coverage about an initiative
called Peaceworks and OneVoice
Male Peacock, Pavo cristatus, displaying
Images matter
If I cannot picture it I cannot create it

In the tangled story of something like the Middle-East
the PBS NewsHour tells me story
about how peace is kindled and possibly made
about how journalism chooses the stories we tell,
the pictures we see
These images re-form in our minds
reform our minds
they become our stories
they are possibilities
a story about
how reality starts

As the young business visionary who started the projects says "We're moving from theory into action. And the first part of the action is actually visualizing what is it that the people are going to do and then helping empower the people to actually start..."

See the clip "Hostile Neighbors Come Together as Trade Partners"

Courage applied to peace in practical measures is something I need to see more often. I want to tell the NewsHour that this journalism helps-- this type of story is important. It is news.
If you do too, you can click on their feedback page and tell them so.


This post is dedicated to Bruce Dan MD who makes fun of me for watching PBS because, as he says, I am the only one.

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