Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Poems for Friendship

I found a box of Gay's recently. It was a special box, cardboard with hinges and a bow with  nice paper on the outside. I looked in it and read when was in it trying to figure out its theme?  How did these bits and peices all end up together? It happens like that around my house.... As careful as we tried to be nonetheless much arrived in Vermont

Let me share a few of the contents.  Readers may recognize them or some may not know that your card, picture, or note was in the box too. For some of you I will be mailing you something from the box because I think it speaks to the friendship of so many years and it obviously was something you all shared.          

I found two themes-- Maybe more if I pay attention ----- Do you want to guess?

Variations on the theme of friendship - A. J. Constance

It was just like old times,
as they say
except it was better
than the old times
It was more like the new, new times
to come

More like what we are
and are becoming
and will be
Than like what we have been
and were.
Whatever I can give you
of myself,
that you have not already
acknowledged as your own

What gift is left then
to pass between us,
but the living out
of  that ultimate priceless gift
of friendship
already given and received
and given back again.
Was ever the wind
so gentle on my face?

Did sea ever stretch out its arms
to such wise horizons?
Has the sky ever been so full
of peace and promise?

Has it been that I have been alive
here on this earth
through many years,
or have i just been born
for the first time today,
Into this world
of inexpressible beauty
and tenderness?
It occurs to me
as I watch the wind move
Through these ancient olive trees,
that thirty years from now
these ties between us will be stronger
whatever paths our lives may take

and that I shall cherish you then,
in that quite different time
(so far beyond our present seeing),
even more than I do now.


Unknown said...

Stay tuned for more from the box. Feel free to make guesses of what might be in it, should be it or whatever.

Gib Parrish said...
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Gib Parrish said...

Thank you for the first installment from the box. You have piqued my interest, and I look forward to more.

As for what's in the box, are there small items--like a pebble, a piece of bark, a dried flower--that might be remembrances of an adventure with a friend?

Unknown said...

It appears I have a format problem and that some of the lines have hopped their borders. I will try to fix it... Adds another challenge to the reader-- find the theme, guess what else might be in the box, and now, decode the poem. Well its worth it.