Monday, May 17, 2010

Visual aids to help talk to your medical team when times are tough

Health Through Imagery
Pictures to aid communication

For Bruce Dan

Bruce, perhaps these images can act as communication aids with your care team.  We could give you a whole range of emoto-animals that your team could use to gauge your mood and open-mindedness to things like early morning awakenings and another dose of benadryl.  
The Remarkable and intensely expressive bird on the top is an Egyptian eagle.  She has the look of disapproval down to an art form.  The hair style helps.

The menacing open-mouthed bird below the first bird is a Red Shouldered Hawk.  This is a look that I consider in the category of "baring ones teeth" and may allow some topics to just "poof".... dissipate. "No, no benadryl" or whatever.
If necessary you can ramp it up and do the high pitched screeching noise they make when they look like this. Guaranteed to be taken seriously.

Many Jungian practitioners consider it a good idea for us to practice acting like different animals as a way for to extend our physical and emotional range.   Its not my place to say you should try acting from your inner predator but, who am I to argue with Jung.

On a more positive note, check out our Gallery called  Birds -- yoga, bathing, and fitness
They are funny, earnest, and surprising.  Maybe when you feel a bit better you can try some of the avian aqua yoga too.

But for now we will hold you in the light.  I hope your days are more restful and less dramatic.

Love from all of us Sharon,Gib,Natalya, and the crew in northern Vermont.
PS- got to use some data from TSS case while teaching the other day. We were reviewing epicurves.

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