Friday, March 11, 2011

An all horse birthday again

Photo of model horse by Natalya McDonnell
Natalya is turning sweet 16 and her mind remains firmly fixed on all things equine. She is a beautiful rider and loves horses intellectually, aesthetically, and passionately. She is now taking lessons to be able to teach riding and horse care.  She spent this winter trail riding through deep snow and freezing cold exploring every inch of Peacham.  Despite what seemed like a hardship she had a huge grin on her face the whole time.  Her horse Shadow is the best (yes, yes, we admit it).

So, to engender a little birthday pizzazz and we were hoping you could help us. We found a great website for horsey accouterments called "Back in the Saddle" and there are many things she liked.  Among the t-shirts she really liked two in particular and we decided we would have the community of Natalya supporters vote on which to pick.  So, Vote here and we will sign her birthday card from you too on the big day March 18, 2100. No, it doesn't matter if you vote for the winning shirt or not.

Which T-shirt do you prefer?
#1: I do not need another horse
A mantra we have her say daily
 OR #2: How do you make a small fortune with Horses? Start with a LARGE Fortune.
A sentiment most horse-loving families know well and a T-shirt they find very funny.
So just leave a comment with us here in the comments section -- you don't have to log in or anything just leave your vote and your name. Or you can vote on facebook and tell us which one you prefer. 

If you also want to include a comment or wish for Natalya feel free to do so and we will write or print it  out for her with a birthday card from all her friends far and wide.

As part of her celebration, I am going to put a gallery up of her photography.  Natalya has been channeling her grandmother and spending hours with the camera. Her theme these days is, predictably, horses and model horses. She has a great eye for it. So, for her birthday I hope to put up a Featured gallery made by Natalya of her life-like images of model horses.  I will send out the link when its finished and you will be able to leave comments too. In addition, we will update the Horse gallery of pictures in Mother daughter Press-- this is one our most visited galleries and will in add pictures and scans so stay turned

Vote now and thanks for your help. If you have any birthday suggestions let us know.

Sharon and Gib


Gib Parrish said...

Hi Sharon,

Camille and I just viewed the candidate T-Shirts. Camille votes for #1, and I cast my ballot for #2. So, it's a tie so far!

I also told Camille about the Natalya's photo gallery of horses. Everyone will just love the gallery that you are putting together!!


Unknown said...

I vote for number one, and I'm voting from a Taiwanese train that keeps entering tunnels and losing cell signal, so it hasn't been easy! Happy Birthday to Natalya, Marsha

Unknown said...

Taiwan! Wow, I suspect that will win the most miles traveled birthday wish. I'll have to put your note with a little map -- excellent and thanks.

Unknown said...

I vote for #1. Still I can easily imagine Natalya boarding horses for others--likely to become "hers" in spirit, as opposed to in grain bills.

Kelli said...

Augie and I vote for #1 - Kind of reminds me of your letter when you said "no horses at the house" and then "no horses IN the house!!!" Happy Sweet 16 Natalya!!!
Love, Kelli & Augie

Mel said...

Hi Sharon,

Rachel and I both vote for T-shirt number #1 for Natayla. Thank you for including us in this fun project :)

Hassan said...

I am voting from Nairobi.Happy birthday Natalya. And no need of other horse, I vote for #1.

Wendy said...

I vote for #2 for Natalya and #1 for Sharon and Gib! I love watching Natalya riding in the snow. Have a great 16th! Wendy

Anonymous said...

I vote for #1, you ALWAYS need another horse so it's good to start trying to fool yourself at an early age. Happy birthday and loved your photo of the bay with a star, Tesa sends her vote as well. Ila

Anonymous said...

I vote for number #1 however, I think that you should add the word "Yet"down a bit on the left side. A girl should always keep her options open and be able to change her mind.

My mother and I are hoping you might come over one afternoon and talk about horses. My mother loves horses and has many fond memories of time spent with horses. She would appreciate new horse stories. Your mom said you might be able to ride by the house and wave to us on one of your long adventures. We can come out and meet Shadow and take your picture.

Happy Birthday and Happy Nowruz (Persian New Year)

Nancy Lou Saidi

kmjrose said...

#1!! Best not to think about #2. That said, I am not sure the mantra on #1 really works!


Margaret Caudil-Slosberg said...

Mags Caudill I would vote for T-shirt #1, I like simple mantras and Natalya a very big happy birthday wish! from Margaret and Ricardo

Julie Hansen said...

I don't know where to vote,so I guess I will say the "I don't need another horse." Many happy returns of the day, Natalya.

Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Linda LaCrox said...

i couldn't tell as well...'where to vote' :( *** Happy Sweet Sixteen Natalya *** !

Unknown said...

Natalya, Linda LaCroix, like you, has been experimenting very energetically with photography. Her daily walks, her animals, and her sense of humor and beauty are a big part of her art. She often participates in the Online Yankee forum that lets photographers share their work and get feedback. She is the woman that gave us Jai and Gracie when we lived in Burlington and I think you would like her work with her own animals.
Thanks Linda!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Natalya!

We vote for t-shirt number 1 because Shadow surely needs a stable mate!

Have the best fun on your special

Love,Libby and Carroll Stevens

Daniel said...

HI Natalya,
And I vote for #1 too. My question is: would Shadow like another horse sharing your attention, or would she be jealous? Happy 16th birthday,
Dan and Diane