Saturday, February 19, 2011

A reminder about the history of the budget as context for the histrionics over the deficit

Let some truth be told. 
This is a clip from the Newshour and it is important.  Mark Shields walks us back over recent history and reminds us of the facts. 

I need to remember we had a national budget surplus not  long ago and that those who now protest so violently about the deficit seem to have a very different vision of what is good for America. Listening to the threats to dissemble health care reform, planned parenthood, public broadcasting, and most public workers jobs is unbelievable and sad. Am I being asked to accept that I may enter my 80th year working at Walmart sans health insurance watching my grandchildren attend an ever declining education system?  If so then why o why must they also take away public radio?

Make a fuss, do not let the chanting of untruth overwhelm good sense and kindness.
We must not let our best programs and social supports be taken apart as waste or non-essential. I want a government, I want to contribute to joint action, I want nurses and teachers, public health workers, and to know my country has a plan that is more detailed and thoughtful than "Cut funding". To know if our government is too big then we need to talk about what we expect it to do. If we say we cannot afford something then it is because we have chosen not to either because we don't want to afford it or we have decided something else is more important.  In the recent budget wrangling it is clear that cutting taxes for higher income people is more important than education, heat assistance, secure aging, and public health.

I would like to know what the vision is for people who are old, cannot work, lost their retirement savings to wall street, and now have a medical condition that their insurance will not cover. If there is a plan that does not punish these people but provides some semblance of kindness and support now would be a good time to start talking about it.  The strident repetition of slogans about socialism, big government, and the President give me the willies. Fear mongering is not a plan. Taking the government apart sounds more like treason than fiscal responsibility.  In this case, here in the US, we are supposed to be nation building.
Mr Boehner stop telling me about what you are going to take apart and talk about a specific series of steps that will be taken to invest in America.  How shall my grandchildren live and will they still be paying for or fighting in the fake war?


howedesign via Youtube said...

Good post but missing is the anger about the dramatic increase of income inequality in the United States. The right wing has repeatedly lied to their constituents who lemming-like buy their crap. The working class should not have to take any hits because of Republican mismanagement in the last 30 years. Instead, tax those fat cats responsible for this mess!
howedesign 2 hours ago

Unknown said...

But aren't we all somehow buying the story? I am angry & also sad. People act like "lemmings" as you say even when the facts are transparent . I can only assume there is a strong desire to believe and see things a certain way. There is so much fear and in the atmosphere of fear people turn their brains off. People on all sides-- -must demand truth telling. Just as we allow injustice, the fact that no one is being held accountable for the war or discussing it shows we have lost our way.

S. Mcdonnell
4motherdaughter 1 hour ago

Linda Hanson said...

Good piece, Sharon. Good for you for asking what people are talking about when they spout emotional phrases that don't actually say anything.

We all know from experience that many people who live here are kind, generous and helpful to their neighbors - so what gets into people that makes it seem like a good idea to be mean sprinted and stingy - then top it off by exporting a neo-con idea of 'freedom' around the world? I think many have never quit being Calvinists here; they live by the notion that the good guys are the prosperous guys, so the poor have it coming if they fall into a hole. Meanwhile the little islands of "goodness/prosperity" they inhabit are being sluiced away by big waves of greed and corporate privilege. IMHO!

Your questions are important. We need to force those Republicans to say what they actually mean and how they plan to do it and who will benefit. Wouldn't that be fun!!