Monday, January 4, 2010

A First installment Blog post from Jane Flink

Dear Sharon — Double thanks for the beautiful cards and for the blogosphere direction. I look out my window on a world of white. Unusual for Missouri, we have had snow since Christmas eve and its as if the clouds take naps and the sun comes out and then they wake up, remember what they should be about, and sprinkle more snow crystals on us. Rather nice for us, as we had a very busy Christmas holiday season, and now have the luxury of pushing back in our comfy chairs with good books or catching up on the airline terrorist or watching some silly show (such as “Samantha takes charge”) while
snow drifts down on the other side of cold window panes. It is always a joy to hear from you.


Jane Flink

Jane Flink is Author of "Unmarked Trails: A Memoir". It is available at Amazon and other online and real book stores. The cover photograph by Gay McDonnell Bumgarner. Gay was excited about this book because Jane welcomed her into the creative process. She got to read earlier drafts and she was consulted about decisions such as the book cover photo and the title. She respected Janes' experience and found it energizing to be part of a new creative process.

It is through our friends that we get to learn about whole worlds we would otherwise never know. For example, how to run a small business, practice public health, be a scientist, sell real estate, be a music professor, or write a book.

I am delighted that Jane agreed to let me take her thank you note for photo cards and its wonderful imagery of winter and how the weather can be integrated into our experience of the world and perhaps, sets our pace. The weather personified or humans naturalized. Enjoy!

Over the last 30 years, Jane Flink has been an award-winning reporter, photographer, editor and publisher, and is nationally recognized as a community journalist. Check out her book

We welcome all of you to share your writing and tell us of your connections perhaps newly experienced. We are still floating the question of aging and "how to", see previous post on Indian hornbill. If you want help posting -- just ask but, join the club

Meanwhile, greetings from Valencia Spain. Some stories and pictures to follow. Tomorrow is the parade of kings for the start of Epihany.

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Unknown said...

Jane did you notice the thematic similarity between this picture and the one on the cover of your book?