Sunday, December 27, 2009

What a face!!!

Many of us in our middle years have been discussing aging and we are concerned that we don't seem to have a good fix on how to do this "well". To be clear "well" doesn't mean faux or continual youth. Where is the book we are supposed to read? I thought that I would trade off young skin and excess energy for wisdom -- a deal I expected to strike graciously. I am still waiting for wisdom and a better sense of the trade offs. As usual, by and large, there are very few people of any age that seem to be having a really good time but it does seem the odds diminish with time, maybe? Well perhaps in lieu of clarity and insight I was thinking I should get some props, an avatar, and a maybe a new name as I explore my expanded self identity for my elder years. This particular face (in the picture) caught my eye. She is fierce looking, extraordinary, and colorful. There is a wonderful mix of dignified and silly in this face that might be what I am striving for. I took heart from the fact that in my later searches I found the picture of an Indonesian tribal woman wearing a makeshift Hornbill as evidence I might be on the right track. Prove me wrong.

In the biological texts the scientists speculate in wonder about the "horn bill" and "casque" (the hat part) & its purpose. What a silly question really. If you could grow a hornbill why on earth wouldn't looks so cool.

Fun fact.... the bill is yellow because of the secretions from the "preen gland" which they spread onto the bill to give them the bright yellow color. The "preen gland" is near (at) the back end of the bird and common to most birds. Studies suggest that the preen oils are effective against lice. Not only that but the preeny oil harbours symbiotic bacteria whose excretions reduce the activity of feather-degrading bacteria and thus help to preserve the plumage of the bird.

Ok, enough diversion... Anyone else have some good advice for aging with dignity, humor, and imagination? Would it help to buy a red umbrella? Gay was very proud of her "Salon"-- her membership and affiliation with a group of highly intelligent literary women of good humor and various ages who came together to discuss topics of all sorts. These classy women might have a bit to say about the topic of aging if we can get them in the right mood. Cathy, Ann, Win, Libby, Helen, Jo, Ellen, Jane, Betty, et al? There are a group of us here in Vermont that would love to hear more about this topic.


Julie Hansen said...

Where can I get one of those hornbills?!

Unknown said...

You have definitely earned one. What do you think e-bay or will we have to go to Indonesia or SE Asia directly? Might be wise?