Friday, May 21, 2010

Health through imagery -- Laughter is so good even animals do it

A blog for friends that need a laugh. We all need reminding sometimes.
I have some favorites in this new gallery but I shall pick "high spirits" to head up the group

He was an 6 week old pup and an orphan that was  brought out to the house. Oh what a smile.

Laughter-- Another one of the traits we considered uniquely human but, has been found in a much broader array of the animal kingdom.  Rats, even rats... you have to see the video of the scientist who finally figured it out and recorded it.
Rats laughing- Youtube

Laughter is communicable-- infectious perhaps? It is a "resilience factor"-- in contrast to a risk factor. It increases resilience and protects our health.  It is better than aerobic exercise, it creates social bonds and releases all sorts of positive biochemicals that mitigate stress and improve immune function.

Rather than wait for a reason or the mood to laugh, since it is infectious, you just need to play a tape of people laughing and you will laugh. I swear its true. I bought a DVD to put on around the house. You can test it yourself because, of course, there is a website where you can listen to laughter.
Listen to Laughter and try not to laugh! 

Check out the other motley crew of expressive laughing animals in the gallery- just click on the link-   Health through imagery Animals-Laughing.

Also Check out the Radio Lab episode  on laughter if you have not heard it.
Radiolab on Laughter

Try if you can-- wishing you well


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