Monday, May 17, 2010

For Karen, a friend entering breast cancer therapy

Health advice:  It is important to move about, stretch, and look silly as part of your health regimen.  This particular example is avian aqua yoga a natural method for stretching and strengthening  muscles and bones.  It is done by advanced practitioners in little pools of water presumably to stay cool.  Splash about and raise a wave.

Pull your arms way up over your head--a salute to the sun, practice balance and looking tall.

Note: Your hair looks much better than theirs however, a little suit of feathers might cheer you up and the silver shoes on the Baltimore Oriole could be just the ticket to feeling less vulnerable around oncologists and chemotherapy.  If we can be any help procuring the various accoutrement just say so.

We are thinking of you. If you want more health advice from the little creatures just let me know.

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oh and as a former southerner check out the audiobook 'the help" (see previous blog) if you are cooling your heels in waiting rooms.

Best Sharon, Gib, and Natalya

Kind words and light to Karen

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