Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dressing for spring: Goldfinch breeding colors

Photographers journal

On goldfinch turning yellow.....
I'm sorry I do not have a way to salute the coming of spring-- like the goldfinches sudden brilliant yellow patches that turn it into a canary yellow bird.
Instead spring urges me to plant and dig dirt --
I think turning into a different color would be easier in the long run.
I could pick a different color each spring!
Spring is high hopes".   
                  ----Gay McDonnell Bumgarner,  Photographer 
                       March 1980

I remember in the spring we used to wear bonnets, new dresses with big crinkly slips. Or, perhaps little suits and ties.  Was it our goldfinch-ness perhaps, that same urge to show our colors, to look bright, maybe act like a tulip?  Blooming.
Check out more goldfinches to see their winter and spring outfits.

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Gib Parrish said...

What a lovely posting! I enjoyed the comments by Gay about Spring and goldfinches, and the gallery of goldfinches was a treat. I'm in Washington, DC, this week, where Spring is bursting at the seams, while it's still in its infancy at home in Maine.