Saturday, December 18, 2010

The danger of too few stories-- womens voices

For anyone that has learned the power of narrative and story particularly, if they were not in control of those stories that were supposedly their story.  A single oppressive story shapes the lives of all who tell it and receive it.  It shrink-wraps everyone like a web.

I give thanks to Ben Bellows who shared this gorgeous video and I dedicate it to Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes -- the queen and the trudge- the fairy and footslogger keeping stories alive but, even more important, for reminding people of their own power as storytellers and audience.  Your/my/our story has not been told.  To find your voice, start by talking. 

"Tell me"


Gay Bumgarner through friends and family said...

I could listen to her for hours. We laughed at her story of writing about drinking tea and ginger beer-- Oh my. She gives me hope. Is there a word for that, a hopegiver?

Natalya said...

This reminds me of the peice by Eve Ensler on TED. Powerful, funny, and it sticks with you.