Monday, November 15, 2010

Decorating your winter with Cardinals

The subtle signals and habits of the birds are divined by the watchful photographer
 She translates them carefully crafting the elements into a place
An environment that through myriad signals calls out
invitation and assurance

 Almost invisible: a male Cardinal peeks out between matching maple leaves

An early wintery mix collects and soaks into feathers enriching the colors

November: A female cardinal is dusted and jeweled with falling snow

A bright world made fresh after new snow

Fluffy feathers appear fragile and belie their warmth

And, when they came as they would
It was almost certain 
that on those perfect branches would be
berries, a touch of snow, sprigs of evergreen
and icicles in long luminous drips

Birds look so good in berries!  
New images of cardinals photographed by Gay Bumgarner 
Which do you like best?

Note: if you want to mix and match these cardinals with other birds in card sets you can do!

1 comment:

Natalya said...

My favorite is the 2nd from the bottom I like the bird and the caption with him.