Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally!!! Science and nutrition news to believe in

Chocolate Linked to Lower Stroke and Stroke Mortality Risk

Medcape by Susan Jeffrey

 February 12, 2010 — Just in time for Valentine's Day, a new systematic review from Canadian researchers suggests higher chocolate consumption may be associated with a lower risk for incident stroke and stroke-related mortality.
Results of 2 prospective cohort studies showed, respectively, a 22% reduction in stroke risk for those who had 1 serving of chocolate per week and a 46% reduction in stroke mortality from weekly consumption of flavonoids in 50 g of chocolate vs no consumption. A third study showed no association between chocolate intake and stroke or death.
However, the number of studies looking at this relationship was small, senior author Gustavo Saposnik, MD, from St. Michael's Hospital and the University of Toronto, Canada, told Medscape Neurology. "We need more prospective studies that specifically identify the type of chocolate and the amount, including the amount of flavonoids included in the composition of the chocolate, to make more valid conclusions," he said.
The results were released February 11 in advance of their planned presentation at the upcoming American Academy of Neurology 62nd Annual Meeting in April. The abstract will post to on February 17.

Note as an epidemiologist I must say that an enormous amount of data related to cardiovascular disease and diet, exercise, and almost everything else is being debunked daily. So, I would stick with Michael Pollen and "Food Rules" for the best approach to health and eating. But, he does make room for chocolate too.  Remember they are assuming its the favinoids, maybe its the anticipation or just the sheer pleasure of eating chocolate that sets off a biochemical cascade that our hearts love.


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kmjrose said...

The med people should just admit that chocolate is a vegetable!
I make sure to get a serving or more daily. Like broccoli and carrots.